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      18-90 m
    Pharmaceutical product for the real man
    This pharmaceutical product for the real manis an ideal choice for those who experience problems in sexual life, want to resolve them, or activate their powers. This absolutely natural and safe for use food additive will help a man to eliminate impotence, sexual arousal and potency disorders,will prolong a sexual intercourse to a maximum extent, and will allow to feel a more intensive orgasm.The effect of this food additive is felt soon and may extend up to 12 hours, therefore it is recommended to use it once a day, half-an hour before a sexual intercourse. It is recommended to use one teaspoon of the pharmaceutical product, therefore the package of 40 g willbe enough foras many as eight times. Contrary to chemical products in the formof pills, this pharmaceutical product is distinguished for consistency that facilitates metabolism. This pharmaceutical product for the real man is non-prescription, suitable for use fromthe age of 18 up to the old age.
    Pharmaceutical product for the real man 45g
    Pharmaceutical product for the real man 240g
    Filtered flowered Honey
    Mulberry Paste
    Water and Spices
    Carob, Oat, Ginger
    Arugula, Cinnamon , Lepidium
    American Ginseng, Siberian Ginseng
    Gingko Biloba, Red Peppe
    Dead Nettle, Honey Paprica, Cola Plant, Natural Vanillia, Bee Milk
    • Lack of sexual arousal
    • Erection disorders
    • Premature ejaculation
    • Weak body, energy shortage
    • Wish to consume a natural product
    Stages of effect:
    • Increased desire and arousal
    • Strengthenederection
    • Longer duration of sexual intercourse
    • Increased energy leveland stronger body
    • 100% natural ingredients strengthening potency
    Who our product is useful for?
    • For those who look for an efficient, natural and fast way to improve one’s sexual performance.
    • For any age men who suffer problems in sexual life and health disorders.
    • Forthose willing a safe product that guarantees a positive effect and prevents masculine diseases.
    • For those seeking to feel more self-confidence, increase the level of testosterone and to overcome any factors supressing sexuality. The productis like a natural Viagra thatis efficient, and, contrary tochemical pharmaceuticals, has no detrimental effect on health.
    Pharmaceutical product for the real man 45g
    Pharmaceutical product for the real man 240g