About us

  • The pharmaceutical product for the real man – the product has been manufactured from natural ingredients for more than 40 years for men seeking to strengthen their sexual potency and reduce problems of sexual life. This is a product with a long history, whereas its production formula has been proven over time.
    The pharmaceutical product is distinguished for its rich composition of plant origin products, and it is useful for the improvement of sexual functions. Apart from the main ones, other properties may also be of great benefit – increase in the general energy level in the body, increasingly better concentration and stronger immunity system.
    This is a product for the real man seeking to be confident in his libido and vital power!

    The product is made in Turkey, and we are the only one distributors in the Baltic countries.

    In order to acquire bigger quantities of the food additive for the real man and seeking to cooperate, contact us by phone +370 69424242 or e-mail: info@tikramvyrui.lt.

    Do you have ideas or proposals? You are welcome to contact us, meet and discuss all possibilities.

    You are a store or a shopping chain? We may find mutually beneficial cooperation variants in Lithuania or other countries. We’ll be seeing you!

    Erstė UAB
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    E-mail: info@tikramvyrui.lt
    Phone No: +370 69424242