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    Filtered flowered Honey
    Mulberry Paste
    Water and Spices
    Carob, Oat, Ginger
    Arugula, Cinnamon , Lepidium
    American Ginseng, Siberian Ginseng
    Gingko Biloba, Red Peppe
    Dead Nettle, Honey Paprica, Cola Plant, Natural Vanillia, Bee Milk
    The pharmaceutical product for the real manhas been created from natural ingredients distinguished for positive properties. Each of them are useful for the human body and improve one’s wellbeing. These ingredients, combined into one mixture, create an especially efficient, strong product free of any side effects.
    One of the special ingredients of the pharmaceutical product – Epimedium extract – has been well known andappreciated in the traditional Chinese medicine since olden times. Already in the ancientwritingsknowledge is foundthat this extract gives energy, power and positively affects sexual life. The natural Epimedium extract occurring in nature is also used nowadays, whereas this adds to our pharmaceutical product especially useful properties. The pharmaceutical product for the real man is prepared according to the traditional recipe by following the established formula. It contains vegetable components having a strengthening and positive effect on the functioning of all body systems the effectiveness whereofunfolds in the general whole.
    Contrary to chemical products in the form of pills, this pharmaceutical product is distinguished for consistency that facilitates metabolism. It is recommended to use one teaspoon of the pharmaceutical product; therefore the package of 40 g will be enough for as many as eight times. This pharmaceutical product for the real man is non-prescription, suitable for use from the age of 18 up to the old age.
    The pharmaceutical product for the real man does not only improve sexual performance and solve problems of sexual life. This is also aproduct that may help better focus, improve concentration.The producthas a positive effect on the nervous and muscle system, therefore is beneficial also in the daily activity.
          Caltrop– this plant used already in the ancient Eastern medicine is distinguished for a positive effect on sexual potency, masculinity and libido. It fosters greater secretion of testosterone and sexual activeness.
          Ginseng – the main property of this ingredient–atoning effect.
         Ginseng is distinguished for anti-stress qualities, help a body to protect stress factors, increase working efficiency and reduce fatigue.
        Ginger– does not only heal wounds, but also acts as a great aphrodisiac. It helps fight body ageing, improves potency, increases sexual drive.It distinguishes for a strong anti-oxidation and tranquilising effect. It isuseful for both, physical and mental fatigue, also helps recover strengths.The beneficial properties are especially manifest in the mixtures of medicinal plants.
        Locust bean gum (carob) – contains many vitamins (A, B1, B2, B3), mineral substances (Calcium, Phosphorus, Potassium, Magnesium, Ferrum, Manganese, Barium, Copper, Nickel).
        Ginko biloba – improves memory, focusing, simulatesblood circulation in the brain, helps maintain working efficiency, also helps avoid weakness, soothes headaches and symptoms of depression.
          Rucola– is distinguished for properties characteristic for aphrodisiacs, boosts energy, therefore has been used since olden times. Has Group B vitamins, protects against the ageing of brains and weakening of the body.
          Mulberry syrup–contains a lot of nutrients and vitamins.Reduces the level of cholesterol, risk of cancer, improves blood circulation. The mulberry is especially beneficial in improving heart health, brain activity, immunity.
          Cinnamon– a popular spice distinguished for especially useful properties. Reduces the risk of cardiac diseases, tones, improves digestion. It is recommended for the strengthening of sexual potency.
    Pharmaceutical product for the real man 45g
    Pharmaceutical product for the real man 240g